Kpop in 2018: My Predictions

2017 was definitely an interesting year for Kpop, but I think 2018 will be even more different.

2018 Debuts: The biggest debut of the year will probably be JYPs new boy group  Stray Kids!!! Their show was great and has helped improve their domestic and international popularity, and they have proven to be incredibly talented in not only in performing but also in composing and writing lyrics. If you haven’t checked them out yet, my recommendations are: Hellavator, School life and Young Wings.

Another possible debut could be a new YG boy group, they seem  to have a lot of male trainees and the company said they were going to debut a new group in July 2017, so who knows maybe this year it will happen??? But I can never truly trust YG and their horrendous management.

For the girls, there is Loona, and the group is definitely making a name for themselves in the Kpop community and I can imagine them having a really strong and successful debut. I don’t know too much about them but I really loved their predebut song ‘New.’

2018 Comebacks:

I can already tell BTS will have a wild 2018, which will defo include a giant world tour (hopefully including Europe!!!). I’m predict they will release another full album this year in around May and then also Repack it later in the year.

Got7 will most likely focus more in Japan this year and Jackson on solo work in China. This will literally kill me inside, as I really want them to focus loads on Korea and finally have that massive hit, but I honestly cant see that happening :(. I think they will have atleast one comeback and I also think they will do a world tour and I’m praying they come to London, with all my heart.

I think Exo will most likely release their album in around August/september this year, and repack 2 months later. I also think there is also a possibility of a CBX  summer comeback which would be great.

I think NCT 127 will have their breakout song this year, with their first full album which I think they will release in summer due to their debut in Japan in spring. Mark will graduate from dream 😦 but Jaemin will comeback so thats good. I also think Ten will become more active this year.

The group that will dominate the most and have looadds of comebacks concerts etc. will be Wanna One. Its there last year together, and they are immensely popular so I can imagine that YMC will push them harddd. Probably comeback in March/April time.

Red Velvet will most likely have 2 comebacks this year as well. One in first half the year, another in the second. Winner will get some sort of album, hopefully a full one but unlikely.  Nu’est W will have another comeback probably in February/March, Seventeen in June. I also think there may be a possibility that f(x) may have a comeback, which would add 5 years to my life.

2017 debut groups like Golden Child, ONF and A.C.E, will slowly build up the fandom, but I think the most successful group will be The Boyz, who seem to have already a large fanbase, so 2018 will be really good for them. I also think another boy/s will be added to MXM, to introduce new BNM boys.

The Sound of 2018: If I had to sum up the past two years of Kpop I would use two words: tropical house. As good as the genre is, I’m pretty much sick of it, as it feels like  every Kpop group and their mums had a song based on tropical house, and I have a feeling 2018 sound is gonna be different. I predict a lot more songs will be based off of the future bass genre, with the trend already started by Seventeen in, ‘Don’t wanna cry,’ and BTS in, ‘DNA.’

These are just some of my predictions and sorry there aren’t many girl groups I just dont feel I know I enough about them to making predictions for them!! If you know any I should check out leave a comment.


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