My Top 10 Best Male Dancers in Kpop


A requirement of a Kpop group is that they need to be able to dance. This means that there are some pretty capable dancers in Kpop groups that blow up the stage. I am mesmerised by a lot of these dancers so I am going to list my favourite for you to share my undying love for their talent. Please don’t be upset or offended that I haven’t include your faves, as this is all my opinion but please feel free to  comment other great dancers that I didn’t mention!

10. Rocky (Astro)

This guy can dance!! He is a trained tap dancer (which he did on Korea’s got talent predebut). This means that he can pull of variety of styles. For example, on dance variety show, ‘Hit the Stage,’ he did a swing inspired performance. he danced Latin pop song ‘Despacito’ on a Vlive and always slays Astro’s choreography.

9. Yunho (TVXQ/DBSK)

Yunho is dance legend in Kpop. His performances are consistently powerful and sexy  which says a lot since he has been in the entertainment industry for over 14 years, showing his talent has not decreased at all.   He learnt how to dance while ice skating for a TV show and during one of his concert continued dancing when his pants ripped!!

8. Feel Dog (Big Star)

I didn’t know  much about Feel Dog until I started watching ‘The Unit’, and while at first I found him funny because of the name, I took him more seriously when I saw his dancing. He’s not a very big guy put always has a great amount of charisma and skills that fills up the stage. He even managed to get an all boot from the judges,  which was not an easy achievement in the show.  The last thing I can say is Bora is a very lucky woman.

7. Euijin (BigFlo)

Another outstanding contestant in ‘The Unit’ is Euijin, I did not know of him or much about his group or him until the show and I am so glad I did. He is the King of popping and looks so genuinely happy when he does it. He helped choreograph his groups cover of Heartbeat by 2pm and Stay by Zedd, which were both phenomenal performances. He has become very popular on the show and his dancing is probably the reason why.

6. Zelo (B.A.P) 

Zelo debuted literally weeks after turning 15, but despite the young age has always been a mind blowing dancer.  When Zelo dances it seems very natural to him, like the moves just flow out of his body. When he has a solo part in a song, they are always executed greatly in songs such as ‘One Shot’ and ‘1004 (Angel).’

5.  Ten (NCT U)

This boy needs to be promoted more in NCT because his dance skills are off the hook. Taeyong gets a lot of solo stages in the group, and while his a great dancer, Ten just beats him. Ten’s performances are always very expressive and creative, while is actual movements are always sharp and well practised.  His dances on the show ‘Hit the Stage’ blew me away, and his incredible conductor performance, even won the show. However, his solo SM Station ‘Dream in A Dream’ blew me away with its beautiful choreography, that only Ten could pull of so well. Hopefully he has recovered from his injury that limited his dancing in 2017.

4. J-Hope (BTS)

J-hope always bring his A game to BTS and his dancing isn’t an exception.  He is always very expressive in his dancing, showing a clear passion for the art, which is always very lovely and exciting to see, especially when he looks so happy dancing.  I still remember his Boy Meets Evil trailer gave me goosebumps it was so incredible. He also helps choreograph for BTS which is  probably not an easy task, seeing how hard the choreography is.

3. Exo Kai 

Kai is a well known amazing dancer in the industry and its definitely not all talk. Kai trained as a ballet dancer, before joining SM,  making his moves always very precise. During an Exo performance he always takes the centre of the performance as it is very hard to look away from him, and it is very clear  this is why SM pushed him so much in the Exo teaser days. Kai also has amazing facial expressions that also make me fall in love with the performance.

2. Yugyeom (Got7)

Okay, you may consider me very biased here since Got7 is my ult group, but hear me out, Yugyeom is a phenomenal dancer.  He is incredibly passionate about dancing, was in a dance crew before joining JYP, constantly posting his freestyles to instagram and will always show off his dancing when asked. His footwork is also always incredible, he always dances along to really quick songs with his feet matching the beat.  The energy he puts on in all his performances is incredible, seen most prominently in his ‘Hit the Stage’ performances, which was MIND BLOWING!! He won the final episode of ‘Hit the Stage’ with and incredible dance which included a mini Yugyeom, beating out other incredible dancers like Hyoyeon, Ten, and Ukwon.

1. Taemin (Shinee)

Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably expected Taemin to come first on this list but his dancing really does live up to the hype.   Taemin is a naturally quite a reserved person but when he gets up onto stage he literally does a 180 and completely turns into a confident and eye catching dancer. His moves are always sharp and well executed due the clear amount of time spent practising on them. He always completely aces Shinee’s difficult choreography with ease  and his solo choreography is always unique.  This boy has been a great dancer since he debuted at 15 and will probably be an amazing dancer until the end of his life.


Thanks for reading, and please leave a comment of your fave dancers in Kpop!!!


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