Infinite – Tell Me and Top Seed Review

Okay… So Infinite has finally comeback, after what seemed like forever, and they did not disappoint.   Honestly I was quite worried about this album and how it would be received because A. they have lost member, Hoya and B. they haven’t done much as group for 2017 in Korea so I was wondering whether their results would still be as good. However, my fears were proven to be wrong as this album has literally  already saved 2018 with amount of quality content, however its Kpop so obviously this album does have some filler songs, but it definitely exceeded my expectations from the highlight medley and is probably one of my favourite ever infinite albums (the best being  2013’s release ‘New Challenge’).

Tell Me Review

Song: To be honest, after hearing the trailer I was pretty sure I would be disappointed with the song, as it sounded very generic, it had the classic EDM sound that every boy group has and  it seemed like it didn’t really have the ‘Infinite’ feel like their other releases. However,  once the song was released I was again proven wrong.  Although, it is probably the closest Infinite has been to following the current trend in Kpop, they manage to still make it their own. I love the fact the song, slowly build its way up to the chorus, then once the chorus hits we get all the synthyness to the song as well as kind of orchestra-ry sound, which I love. The real stand out in the song is Dongwoo’s voice when he sing’s “tell me tell me,” because it sounds very smooth and is a nice change from the voices of Woohyun and Sunggyu in the chorus. However, the song does miss that extra thing, that stops it from being an amazing song. It doesn’t seem to pick up enough power, unlike many other infinite songs like ‘Destiny’, ‘The Chaser’ and even ‘Comeback Again.’


MV:  I absolutely love the Music Video and its concept. Everyone looks very handsome and look like princes, which I believe is the concept of the album, which I also love. The theme of the MV is that all the members get trapped in time looking for this girl, all doing different things. For example L is stuck in the room where he broke up with the girl while Sungyeol is constantly running to the girl. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe this time sort of concept has done by any group before, but no other group would be able to pull it off as well as Infinite did. I would also love for Woollim to release a dance version of the MV because the dancing scenes were literally so beautiful with the lit up tree behind the members.

Top Seed Review

Stand Out Songs: 

TGIF (Dongwoo Solo) – THIS IS SUCH A GOOD SONG!!! Normally  I find Mid-tempo songs  a bit boring but this was different. I love the kind of electro R&B kind of mash up that matches so well with his smooth and honey like  voice.  I also adore the fact that this song is celebrating Friday because now I can feel even better about Friday’s because I can listen to this great song and it will be very relevant.

I Hate – This song is based of a rocky sound, which infinite pulls off very well. This song is perfect for some sort of anime opening,  starting off strong but also leading up to even stronger chorus. Surprisingly, Sungjong  and L really stand out delivering a great pre chorus, making you ready to jam out to a hard hitting chrous, sung by Sunggyu and Woohyun. The difference between the softer voices in the prechorus and the more powerful voices in the chorus just works really well.

분다 (Wind) – I love the whistle, acoustic guitar build up, that leads up to the faster electric guitar. Something about all the instruments in the song, does really remind me of the wind.  There is a sort of electro 8 bit sounding instrumental after the chorus, that really works and makes the song even more interesting.   I also love the ‘ah ah wuuu wuuu,’ in the chorus.  I know those lyrics aren’t very deep but it gives the song a very sweet and happy feeling.

Good Songs: 

Begin Again – I love this message of this song as this is really a new chapter for infinite. We are all gonna really miss Hoya, but this song reaffirms their love for the fans in a really sweet way.  This song would be perfect for an end of a concert, as it has a kind of anthem feel.

Confession (Sungjong Solo) –  I was a bit worried if I would be able to sit through a solo Sungjong as I wasn’t sure if his voice was stable enough for a solo, but its a very sweet song  that fits him perfectly. I can imagine myself walking around in spring, listening to this sweet song feeling on top of the world, as it matches the season perfectly.

No More –   This a very enjoyable ballad. It’s not too long and I like it when the group sings together ‘no more, no more,’ in the chorus. I also enjoy, the fact the verses are a lot more mellow sounding, but the chorus is a bit more powerful. Sungyeol’s softer voice fits the song perfectly.

Synchronise – I love the way the song starts of a kind of slow song, based on a guitary sound, but turns it around into a more electric sound for the chorus. I also like the slight homage to infinite’s specialty of having incredible synchronised dancing.

Pray (기도) – I can’t believe that this song was made in 2011, (Some of Sungjong’s and Sunggyu’s lines are from 2011), the song doesn’t feel outdated at all.  I really enjoy the orchestra sound used in the song, making it sound very elegant.


Why Me (왜 날) –  This isn’t really that special, Infinite’s has made better ballads in the past.

Reminisce (지는 날) (L Solo) –  As much as L has improved in his singing abilities, I find this song a bit forgettable not providing anything special to the album.

Thanks so much for reading!!! These are all my opinions, so please don’t hate me if you disagree with anything I’ve said. Overall, this was quite a strong comeback by infinite, so I’m looking forward what the rest of 2018 has in store for them (hopefully a repackage album). Please support infinite by buying this album, and streaming the MV!!!


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