My Top Kpop Songs of January 2018


Hey guys, sorry for my absence for the past month. I’ve been so busy with exams and settling  back into uni but I’m back now and hopefully will post more this month!!! To kick things off I have written my fave songs of January 2018 (which was an AMAZING month for Kpop) and even made a compilation video for all the songs as well!!!

10. Sunmi – Heroine

While I am aware this song was most likely plagiarised (if you don’t think it is, you’re deluded) I still love the song and the differences it has to its counterpart fight for this love. Fight for this love was my jam  at 10 years old and  heroine is also a jam 8 years later, with its incredible pre chorus and drop with the line ‘the show must go on’ really gives the song a great edge. The one thing I do dislike is that during the verses Sunmi’s voice is really airy and raspy, which I found quite sounds a bit forced to be sexy.  

9. Vav – Spotlight

Vav had a pretty shaky start into the kpop world, with unautotuned and generally rubbishly produced  songs released in 2015 and 2016. They  found themselves music wise with the help of the amazing Ryan Jhun and A team entertainment are now working wonders with them, with great songs in 2017 like Flower, Middle of the Night and my personal fave Dance With Me. However, their most recent release Spotlight is a great funky and fresh pop song with a really punchy and fun chorus, that gets stuck in your head!! Please look out for Vav as they deserve the best!!!

8. Infinite – Tell Me

The wait for infinite was a long one, but Tell Me is a great song, that meshes infinite style with the popular tropical house/EDMish trend. Dongwoo’s voice is beautiful in this song, being the real stand out for me personally, as his tone really matches the style of song. I think the MV is also beautiful, with the whole beautiful electrically lit tree they dance in front of.  Although this will never top Infinite’s classics like The Chaser, Paradise or Be Mine as it misses that 80s boost, it’s still a solidly good song.

7. EXO – Electric Kiss

Yes I know this is technically J-Pop but as it is a song from a K-pop group I am going to Include it. As soon as I found out the name of this song I knew it was gonna be a bop, and when I actually listened to it, it did not disappoint. It has a very classic exo feel, with sort  pop and R&B fusion.  I love the fact that the chorus really focuses on the vocals which can clearly be heard over the instrumental, as it gives the song an anthemic feel and makes it great for headbanging lol. D.O steals the show (like always) with his NaNaNa’s during the bridge, which I think extended my life expectancy by 8 years, from how beautiful (sexy) his voice sounded.

6. TRCNG – Wolf Baby

Despite the terrible name which I can never seem to remember, TRCNG  music seems to have delivered thus far. Wolf Baby was a great song to start the year, as it is a great song but also a real throwback to older kpop, and was not driven by the overused tropical house vibes.  It’s an amazing concept’s which fit the groups concept as they are literally all babies (they make me feel old as a 99 liner!!). I really like the fact that this song  and MV doesn’t take itself too seriously and plays around with the fact they are young, but it doesnt feel like they are forced to be too young *cough* nct dream *cough*. I really like the chorus as the whole group sings together, which seems to be a rarity in kpop these days, with usually only main vocals singing the chorus. I’m really excited to see TRCNG’s future!!

5. Target – Awake

This song is amazing in two different ways. The first way is that it is a great actual song!! I love the build up to the chorus line “I’m still awake” and I really like the vocals after that kind of back up the main line. I also love this song for the meaning as Target released a predebut song 4 years ago and many fans have been waiting for them to debut, this song was like a reminder to them that they are still alive and ready to put up a fight in the K-pop industry!! I think the vocalist and rap sound almost desperate in their singing, which emphasises the point that they are still around and want to be remembered!!!

4. JBJ – My Flower

While their previous single ‘Fantasy’ had to grow on me before I realised it’s strengths, My Flower was an instant hit in my book. I love the first part of the  chorus as it kind of infused with a clubby feel that gives the song an upbeat feel. I also love Kwon Hyunbin’s rap, his voice is quite unique and I love the line ‘I’ll be your daydreamer.’ The MV is looks soo fun, I love seeing the boys just having a great time.  The only flaw of the song is the drop right after the chorus as it doesn’t really fit the rest of the song, and seems a bit unnessaccary.   

3. Golden Child – It’s U

From this song and B-Side ‘Lady’ I have decided that Sweetune X Golcha are a match made in heaven. The song is bright and cutesy, and happy, a truly feel food song. What steals the show is the punchy hook  in the chorus that repeats ‘Neolago neolago binmal anya Neolago neolago chaggag anya,’ as it really brings the song together!! If I’m ever in a bad mood I will put this on and I know it will make me feel wayyy better. However, I feel like Golcha are still in the phase of experimenting with their sound as this differs quite a bit to  DamDaDi but it still retained its youthfulness in the song , so I will expect that as a continuing theme for Golcha in the next coming years.

2. Chungha – RollerCoaster

If you didn’t know before, I have a preference for kpop boy groups thus my playlist if around 98% male dominated (dont hate me!!), but as soon as I heard Chungha’s new song it immediately went into my playlist.  I love this song for its synthyness and electroness in the chorus that gets stuck in my head constantly. I cant wait to hear more from her, as her last single was a bop as well, and it defo seems like she’s found her style!!


Special Mention: Idol Producer – Ei EI

Okay so I couldn’t do my faves from January without mentioning this incredible song, that I have been playing on repeat, and although its Cpop – its based off of the korean show Produce 101, so I need to mention it.

I was trash for PD101 and  everything about it, including  Nayana and I am even more trash for Ei EI. Although the choreography and whole message of the performance are basically the same, the songs have some key differences . Nayana is a lot more shouty, while Ei Ei priorities vocals a lot more, even including backing vocals in the chorus, making the song a lot more listenable. I obssess over the build up to the chorus but the bridge before the chorus makes the song really stand out. I also love the end when the line ‘let music going round’ is repeated multiple times, it leads to the song having a reallly nice close.  Anyways if your in China plz for vote my babies JungJung and Justin and please support Jackson and Yixing as well!!!!!

1. Stray Kids – Young Wings

So the Stray Kids mixtape saved my life this month, literally every song is amazing but Young Wings is my absolute fave. Young Wings is a mid tempo feel good song! The message of the song  (i think) is all about acting your age and growing up, which is quite relatable since I’m 18 so I’ve just become an adult. It’s also has a very nice balance between rap and vocals, as the song builds up it’s pace using with  fast rapping then quickly switches to the vocalist in the chorus, with their voices sounding extra care free and chill, creating a nice contrast to the song. The vocalist’s do get a real opportunity to shine,  as other stray kids’ songs are very rap based, seungmin really slays with his naturally-ey-eys. This is my number one because rap and vocalss shine and the message of the song is really dear to my heart



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