NCT 2018: The Year of NCT

2018 will be the year of NCT. I am 1000% sure of it. As soon as the photos of the members and formerly  predebut SM rookies members, Jungwoo and Lucas,  at the airport heading to the Ukraine were taken, I know SM was planning something huge. The NCT members also teased during many Vlives about the fact NCT would be on a roll of promotions this year raised my expectations even higher.

However, it wasnt until the 30th of Janury 2018, when I truly realised the amazingness that will occur this year for NCT, after the NCT 2018: Yearbook #1 dropped.  It was a teaser like no other, it  reintroduced some of  the members, as well as introduced the newer ones and the pure nature of the teaser made it feel like a rebirth of NCT, creating a new beginning for the group. It also introduced the concept of the NCT Yearbook and made it understandable that NCT was an ever expanding boy group. The Yearbook will be created every year, introducing the members that will be participating in the year of NCT activites, allowing members to come and go each year, but I really hope no members ‘graduate’ in the upcoming years!

NCT didn’t want to give anyone time to even fully digest the brilliance of the first teaser before releasing the 2nd Yearbook teaser 2 days later, which in my opinion is even better than the first. They give each member a complete different concept, as well as different way to show their name. While the first teaser emphasised the unity of NCT as a whole, this teaser emphasises the individuality of all the different members and the diversity of all the members in NCT. The background song also gives the group a very futuristic feel, which I like as it shows NCT as a leader of future kpop groups.  My fave concept would probably be Ten as he looks absolutely stunning with the cat.

Later in February, it was announced that NCT would release their first full album, as an entire group, but feature all the different units: NCT 127 (fixed Seoul Unit) NCT Dream (Maknae line Unit) and NCT U (Rotational Unit). There would also be a release of 6 MVs. This news got me incredibly excited and ready, and then SM announced that the first unit to comeback would be NCT U, with song ‘Boss’ on February 19th.

The lineup for NCT U had changed, from the previous time, adding Winwin, Lucas and Jungwoo, and Ten and Taeil not participating in this song. Lucas and Jungwoo are both new members to NCT so I was highly anticipating their roles in the group.  Boss is a great song, no doubt about it. I absolutely love the build up the Chorus, which gives the song a kind of eerie feel to it, I love Lucas’ rap as his deep voice makes him sound very powerful and Taeyong and Mark joint rap was very lit. However, the real stand out to this song was Jungwoo. THIS BOY CAN SING! I honestly had very low expectations about his voice thinking he was just a visual member, and probably would get one or two lines, boy I was wrong, this boy voice carried the song onto a new level. His voice is soft and dreamy, but still quite powerful. When I first heard, I was very confused to who it was, as I didn’t recognise this amazing voice and the realisation of it being Jungwoo’s had me completely shook.


Around a week later, it was announced NCT U would have another song this time with members Taeyong and Ten, with song Baby Don’t Stop. This was very exciting news to be and many other NCTzens as we have been waiting for Ten to be included back in an NCT lineup for almost two years now, I was even worried SM had kicked him out of NCT, to be a soloist. From this song, I have learnt a song with Ten in can never be a bad song, the 7th sense was great, dream in a dream his solo song was sensational but this is one NCTs best releases ever. The song is so unique, with it strong beat throughout the song that is mashed together with a sort of synthy background. Tens vocals have improved a drastic amount and it really works well together with Taeyongs rap. Overall it is a wonderfully produced song that is wonderfully unique

NCTzens are also being treated to a vlive relays, music show performances and behind the scene clips, so its been so much fun fangirling over them!!! I have a feeling NCT Dream will be releasing something next, which includes member Jaemin, which makes me very excited as NCT Dream only knows how to create bops. 2018 will defo be the year of NCT if they keep being promoted like this and creating bops!!!

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