GOT7’s comeback is going to save us all

So,  GOT7 dropped their first ever prerelease single and first ever collaboration on a song ever, and now I am no longer a stable human being! I was just hyped about the fact JYPE was changing up they promoting GOT7, after the shit show that was 7 for 7 promos #7for7deservedbetter,  but the actual song is fireeee. The main reason I love it is because it is so sweet and uplifting but does not go to cutsie that it makes you cringe, like some other songs. However, the main reason this comeback is going to slay and save us all is because it is a much lighter concept, and in my humble opinion GOT7 lighter concepts, always seem to be a little bit better than angsty GOT7.

Let’s start with the songs released in 2014, GOT7’s debut year, ‘Girls x3,’ ‘A,’ and ‘ Stop Stop it.’ All of these songs are good, but the real stand out to me was ‘A,’ and at the time it increased GOT7 popularity, but also was a quality Kpop song, perfect for the summer. Furthermore,  it was the only 2014 comeback that GOT7 had where the outfits were not horrendous, Girls x3 had those horrible looking 90s boyband gear, while Stop Stop it gave us GOT7 in white dungarees, which looked a bit ridiculous.  Meanwhile, in A their outfits were incredibly fashionable, and looked more like cool regular clothes than outfits meant for the purpose of being on stage, like the other comebacks. The lighter B-side tracks were also pretty lit in 2014. with songs like, ‘Forever Young,’ ‘Take my hand’ and Japanese Track ‘So Lucky.’

2015 is more of a tricky year to say which comeback was the best, as GOT7’s title tracks slayed in 2015. Bright song, ‘Just right’ is a great song not only in sound but in the message, as its main message is that you are just right the way you are, so it kind of edges out the more edgy ‘If you do, even though it is also a great song. Their Christmas repack of album ‘Mad’ was also awesome with uber cute title track ‘Confession Song’ and best b-side of 2015 ‘This Star,’ which is a really sweet ballad.

The superior, ‘Flight Log’ triology title track, was definitely the brightest sounding song out of the trio ‘Fly.’ While, darker ‘Hard Carry’ is still a pretty good song, I cannot stand Never Ever, even as a huge Ahgase, and was highly relieved when ‘You are’ a much happier, uplifting song was released later on in 2017. Furthermore, follow up to the title on 7for7 ‘Teenager’ is an absolute banger, and you can really feel the playfulness of GOT7 in the song, which I really love.

This proves the fact the GOT7 are gonna slay this comeback, as GOT7 knows how to slay a bright and happier concept, slightly more than the darker GOT7, so I really hope this comeback goes well for the boys and the get great success in and outside of Korea!!! #shamelessgot7promopost





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