J-Hope’s Hixtape: does it live up to the hype??? Hixtape Review

To answer this question simply: yes. J-Hope’s mixtape is a very enjoyable listen, he manages to bring his own bright colours to the album,  with a kind of  early 00s vibe in some songs, with great messages.  This tape highly contrasts to the other BTS rappers Suga and RM who often create much darker music, with strong and powerful meanings, however J-Hope is able to keep his own happy feeling but still depict his emotions and messages in his music.

First track ‘Hope World’ is a great introduction and start to the album. It kind of tells this listener what J-Hope is all about. It’s a fun upbeat track, but my personal fave bit is the ending electronic bit as I just fit it so funky and fun, which fits J-Hope soo much as a person, as he often is the joker and playful guy of BTS.

Following that we have great track ‘P.O.P (Piece of Peace) Part 1.’ I love the meaning of the song, as J-Hope is basically rapping about how he wants to use his job as an incredibly popular Idol singer, to spread positive vibes of peace, and talks about he feels proud of being his fans light in life, as that he wants to take it further and become a ‘piece of peace.’ What I absolute love is the calypso drum in the background, as it gives the song such an edge and gives it a tropical sound.


Next track I love, is ‘Daydream.’ This was the first song I heard as I watched the video when it came out. I love the sort of dreaminess this song has, which fits it perfectly from the title. The song is based on how he wants to live inside his daydreams which I also find very relatable. The music video is really fun to watch as well, as it shows some really cute scenes of J-Hope just being himself, very playful.


I also really love Baseline but I wish it was a bit longer, I think this song is where his actual rap is the best. Hangsang was also very catchy, but didn’t really do anything for me, just an average track.

Airplane strips the mixtape back, where he describes that he feels successful as he gets to travel the world, which I kind of love, as travelling the world is a lot of peoples dreams and he gets to do it. I think this song is also perfect for listening to the track. This song is also perfect lead into the chill outro Blue side. I think ‘Blue Side’ may be a hint of a future mixtape having more of a sadder vibe, with maybe even more meaningful songs.

Overall, J-Hope has proven his talents and in my opinion has created a very good mixtape, and possibly the best out of the BTS members. However, I would like next time if there was a really beautiful ballad like track  similar to  other members Suga  song ,’Far Away,’ as those sort of songs always give me chills, and would be really great to have J-Hope rap on a song like that.


2 thoughts on “J-Hope’s Hixtape: does it live up to the hype??? Hixtape Review

  1. You and I share a lot of similarities of how we would rate each track. I, too, love that 2000 EDM, house (but not deep house more like garage house with that happy, soulful beat) vibe he has in some of the tracks. It’s probably what really stood out for me. Because I’m old and it brings me back to the very last days of when I use to go clubbing before I got too lazy. 🙂

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