My Top 10 EXO Non-Title Track Songs

EXO is one of those groups that consistently put out great music, Not only are their title tracks all bangers, but I think EXO’s has one of the strongest b-side collections in Kpop. This makes it too hard to compile a list of their best works without missing out some great songs, so I am going to write about their bests non-title tracks today, and save their titles for another time.

10. Touch it

When I first listened to EXO’s most recent full length album ‘The War’ This was the most exciting listen. What differed it to other EXO songs is that it used female vocals, which gave the song a nice flare and created a playful element to the song. Kyungsoo’s vocals also slay in this song, which is a great added bonus.

9.  EXO-K/M – Machine

When I first got into EXO in the summer of 2013, I was being playing this non-stop. It sounded so different from any other songs I knew and loved how kind of robotic it sounded. I also absolutely adore the rap and vocals in the bridge before the chorus.


8.  EXO – Artificial Love

Machine was great for its  robotic vibes, Artificial Love’s appeal is in its futuristic techno feel.  What makes the song great is the kind of rap singing done in alternative lines by the members, and the kind of spooky way the members say the line ” She don’t love me 그래 Artificial love.” The live performance also does the song a great justice, as the dance includes a lot of body thrusting and dancing with a cane.

7.  EXO – PlayBoy

Something EXO does brilliantly is create these silky smooth R&B inspired  tracks, that just so… sexy. The vocal line’s voices seem to fit this concept perfectly with their soulful voices, but the rap before the final chorus also really works. The live performance for this is an additional bonus

6. EXO – Black Pearl

This song is an example of how to do an amazing EDM kpop song! A slow starting song, that builds up to a banger chorus. The song really shine towards the end, when the EXO rappers go hard (for exo standards)  then followed by the vocalists belting out some amazing high notes.

My lady is playboys older sister. This song has  all the same great qualities of ‘playboy’ but it still slightly edges it out. The thing that I like  most about it that it has such an elegant feel to it and I adore the fact vocalists (Suho, Baekhyun and D.O.) have very distinct voices and sort of play off of each other.

4. EXO-CBX -Rhythm after the Summer

This song is the definition of a bop.  It just a funky and fun bop. It never fails to make me good and is such a good song to sing in the shower (even if I lyrics completely wrong). It allows for all 3 members to have their moment in the spotlight, stopping any member from being ignored. The song also includes Xiumin speaking a few lines  English, which is always great.

3.  EXO-K/M – Moonlight

Moonlight is EXO’s most beautiful song.  There is something about it that makes me so emotional.  The verses build up slowly to a beautiful chorus, that you can feel so much emotion. What really makes this song stand out is Baekhyun’s (Korean ver.)  and Chen’s (Chinese ver.) high note adlib during the final chorus. It never fails to give me goosebumps. Luhan and D.O’s vocals also slay so much in this song as well.

2.  EXO – Don’t Go

What  I love about this song  is the fact it has such a magical feeling. The acoustic guitar, backed with the piano, along with EXO’s honeyed voices, just creates a dreamy atmosphere for this song.   It was one of the first EXO songs I had ever heard and probably is one of the reasons I chose to stan them!

Honorable Mentions: Lucky, The Eve, Diamond Crystal (CBX), My Turn to Cry, Run, Transformer & Lady Luck.

1 . EXO – El Dorado

What makes this song stand out the most to me is its message. I love the fact  El Dorado is used as a metaphor for achieving their dreams. There is also something about the way they deliver their lyrics makes EXO sound so desperate for success, which I love. This song has motivated me greatly overtime to not give up on myself and to keep pushing on, that’s why its at the top of my list, as not only a great song but it personally has helped me.





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