Hopes and Predictions for BTS Love Yourself 起 Wonder Comeback

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Theories, predictions and speculation galore. It’s BTS comeback time!

BTS dropped there first teaser, on April 5th, for there next comeback ‘Love Yourself 起  Wonder,” and it has left us all pretty shook.  Not only has it continued on the story from the HYYH series, it has also given us the Intro for this album, sung by Jungkook. The song is called Euphoria, and is amazing, I definitely recommend you to listen to it if you haven’t already.

My first prediction is that the comeback will be a darker concept, however it won’t completely dark like previous comeback ‘Danger.’  This comeback will have lowkey dark vibes previously seen in the HYYH era (which is also my fave era). This sort of hinted by the fact the first comeback teaser properly brought back the story from the HYYH series, rather than vaguely reference them. Furthermore,  BTS have all dyed their hair black, if the comeback had a bright concept, wouldn’t their hair be all colourful?

Secondly, despite this albums intro being Euphoria, I predict the title track will be a sad song. Not necessarily slow but has a sad message. This because Euphoria is a temporary feeling, and is often followed by sadness due to Euphoria’s lack of permanence, meaning that the title following the Intro, could be a sad one.

I hope I have for this album is a full group ballad. BTS slay at ballads, that is not debatable. I love the emotional rapping, mixed with the vocalists pouring their hearts out, it just creates a great song. BTS haven’t released a Korean ballad that has blew my mind since the HYYH era with ‘Butterfly,’ but I would really love  a powerful ballad like 2014’s ‘Let Me Know,’ to be included on the album!

Another thing that would be incredible for this comeback would be more lines for member Jin, maybe even him opening the song! I love his voice and I feel he is not given enough chance to let it shine in title tracks.

Another prediction is that this will be another record breaking BTS comeback, and they will exceed our expectations again! I honestly thought when ‘Blood, Swear and Tears,’ BTS hit the top and could go no further, but they manage to exceed all my expectations with all they achieved the past year, and I think they will do it again!! I can see the comeback MV reaching 20 million views in a day and them selling more albums than ever before.

The comeback date has yet to be revealed, however I have a feeling it will be in May, at around the same time as the BBMA (Billboard Music Awards) so this time they can perfrom!!

I think Bangtan will truly hit the mainstream, with their songs being played on radios and going up to the top of the World charts, so brace yourselves everyone!!

A final hope I have for this comeback is some ANSWERS!! I really want to find out the Answers to all the theories going round! Why is Jimin running in hospital? Are they all dead? Why is Jin special????? These questions are killing me I NEED to find out the answers, and I’m hoping this comeback can provide them for me.



2 thoughts on “Hopes and Predictions for BTS Love Yourself 起 Wonder Comeback

  1. I’d love a group ballad like ‘Let Me Know’ but I’m also hoping for one or two tracks with energy like FIRE. There hasn’t been a track that’s matched FIRE since it’s release – at least for me.

    I predict a darker concept as well – regardless, I don’t think I will be disappointed! 🙂


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