When it comes to Kpop, expect the unexpected! However, I am going to try and predict some of the things that will happen to each group in 2020, please comment your opinions down below and you can even check this out later in the year to see how much of this came true! DISCLAIMER: this our my opinions, they may not necessarily become true!


First things first, what will 2020 look for my ult fave group, GOT7. Well they have already got a momentous occasion booked into their schedule with two sold out stadium shows in Bangkok’s Rajamangala stadium, a huge moment for the boys. I think we will get another comeback after the Keep Spinning tour ends in around April march and a possibly another comeback later in the year, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they start another world tour! Following trends we should be getting another full-length album this year, which is also pretty exciting. It has also been over two years since the legendary JJ Project comeback, so maybe 2020 will be the year for Verse 3? I am also rooting for a Youngjae solo debut in 2020!


When it comes to large member boy group, NCT, 2020 could possibly mark the return of the highly anticipated yearbook, hopefully with the addition of Xiaojun, Hendery and Yangyang officially to NCT. However, I don’t want to get my hopes up too much! If the yearbook is announced I am going to predict it will happen in the 2nd half of 2020. I have a strong feeling NCT 127 will comeback in January, with teasers being dropped on like the 31st of December or 12am KST 1st of January, as its been 8 months since their last comeback with Superhuman. I also predict NCT dream’s graduation will be ignored, and the 6 boys will just continue as NCT Dream possibly making a late winter/ early spring comeback after 127, I am predicting with their first full album!!!!! Meanwhile, NCT’s chinese sub-unit WayV will keep promoting, and its next comeback, will be around April, with a mini, that should hopefully promote themselves even more in China.


I feel like Stray Kids will really solidify themselves in the international market this year. They will have a performance on live US TV which will be a pretty big deal and will have loads of interviews in america, fingers crossed for a skz playing with puppies! They will also finally release their first FULL ALBUM, despite announcing they would have one for 2019, they boys did not deliver, however I think we may finally get one, which I predict will come on Stay’s favourite day 0325!


Sadly for EXO fans 2020 will be another year for EXO enlistments, with leader Suho entering the military. This probably means for the first time since debut we will not be getting a full group comeback this year :(, I expect possibly a digital single or something from the boys but sadly nothing else. Instead, I think Baekhyun will make another solo comeback, probably around spring time and Chen will make his 2nd solo comeback in February. Also expect a goodbye single from Suho and maybe some more EXO-SC!


BTS will continue to dominate in 2020, but may slow down a bit due to them also facing their first enlistment of the group, eldest member Jin. There are rumours that BTS will comeback early this year and I agree, they will comeback with the second album in the Persona series, which will be a full length album and have a repackage of it later this year in May, I also believe that after this comeback Jin will enlist in the army, leaving many people heartbroken. I have a feeling Jungkook will release his solo mixtape this year too and maybe Suga will release some more AgustD too, but this will probably occur in the 2nd half of the year.


Twice has had a pretty tough 2019, with stalkers and saesang issues at its peak and member Mina having to go on hiatus, I have a feeling they might want to slow it down next year. They will have two comebacks next year, one in May and another in October, both will continue to build on the mature themes the girls pursued in 2019. I also think Twice will debut their first ever sub-unit this year possibly being more vocal line focused, so consisting of Jihyo, Nayeon and Jeongyeon!


2020 is going to be a much quieter year for Red Velvet than we are used too. With SM debuting a new girl group, it is likely these girls are going to put into the dungeon :(. I am only expecting a comeback around June with a full album, and a repackage of that album in August, however the album will be full of bops!


Monsta X already have a full-length english album slated for release in February, this will be a success in the US selling over 100k copies in the US alone, which is pretty decent! I think the boys will struggle without Wonho but continue to keep growing a strong steady fanbase across the world, with two korean comebacks this year, in May and September.

First Wins

Groups that will get their first wins in 2020 include, SF9, Pentagon, Dreamcatcher, the new SM GG and Loona!

SOUND OF 2020!

The sound of 2020 will likely to be very similar to that of 2019, with lots of songs influenced by trap with big builds up to choruses that rely heavily on synthy instrumental sounds.

I will be writing a full article on my prediction for the rookie groups of 2019, and future debuts of 2020 in another article so please check it out in the future!

2 thoughts on “KPOP IN 2020: MY PREDICTIONS

  1. Some people predict BTS will all go to the military together (or least some of the older ones). I don’t know what to think myself but I understand where this prediction is coming from. With their oldest to youngest, their ages are somewhat separated by a year on average between one member to another (with 2 pairs born in the same year). Should they all way until their 28th year, we won’t have a full BTS for several years which definitely is too sad to think about.


    1. I pretty sure big hit denied that theory šŸ˜¦ its going to be weird not having the full bts, but luckily they have all signed quite long contracts so we will definetly see them all together at some point after the first enlistment, it may just take a while šŸ˜¦

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