NCT 2018: The Year of NCT

2018 will be the year of NCT. I am 1000% sure of it. As soon as the photos of the members and formerly  predebut SM rookies members, Jungwoo and Lucas,  at the airport heading to the Ukraine were taken, I know SM was planning something huge. The NCT members also teased during many Vlives about […]

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Kpop in 2018: My Predictions

2017 was definitely an interesting year for Kpop, but I think 2018 will be even more different. 2018 Debuts: The biggest debut of the year will probably be JYPs new boy group  Stray Kids!!! Their show was great and has helped improve their domestic and international popularity, and they have proven to be incredibly talented […]

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My First Post!!!

Well, hello there…. My name is Natalie, and I’ve pretty much been addicted to Kpop since July 2013, so I would say I’m not totally new but I wasn’t around for the ‘legendary’ years of 2008-11. Anyways I decided to start this blog because I have a loooot of opinions on Kpop but none of […]

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